Monday, February 28, 2011

2011-02-25 Today when I took these pictures it was one of the coldest
morning this winter. About -30 C with a windchill at 7:30.
I was unhappy I missed the sunrise when I noticed the smoke curling
up from all the buildings.  I love to look at the tops of buildings.

My favorite artist is a Canadian called Ivan Eyre. I first saw his work 
when his show Personal Mythologies/ Images of the Milieu
was at the Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary in 1989.
 I must have seen it 5 or 6 times, afterwrds I collected books
and catalogues, actually worked near one of his large canvases etc. 

One of his recurring motifs is figures up along the top of tall buildings
often blowing horns.  Both my wife and I now often scan the tops
of buildings because of this.  I have not seen an Eyre hornblower
but with the proliferation of satellite dishes and other
equipment the buildings now appear as crowded
stage sets where anything is possible.

"under a sky taut with time's tension,
never a sun
in that sky, but
brilliance, the splendid,
cosmic, benign."

                The Edge of Fire
                          for Ivan Eyre
                                                    George Woodcock

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