Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yesterday after the trip to the Library I sacrificed some
left over ( not very good ) Xmas nuts. They found a ready
taker. I was leaving them in a Tupperware bowl
but that disappeared too. New jacuzzi?

A quick prayer to the nut god.

Escape route, check.


Until we meet again my lovelies.

I no longer have the photos but a couple of years
ago I came home and found two large plastic fruit ( peaches?)
on the top step of the sidewalk. Each had several small pieces taken
out and discarded.  They were not ours, so I have no idea where
they came from. What I liked is that each had several bites out.
Hope really does spring eternal.

                                                                      A small squirrel                       
                                                                   still celebrates nuts                     
                                                                           winter waits                           

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