Monday, February 7, 2011

Minus -16 C most of the day, although it did not seem bad when
I went out with the camera at lunch it was brutal on the walk home
probably more of a breeze.  It was a day of mostly cloud and the
occasional sun and lots of blue shadow.  I saw one magpie and one
rabbit. Today I am not sure I share Edwin Way Teale's view.

"Yet, paradoxically, in its own way, winter is a time of superlative life. Frosty air sets our blood to racing. The nip of the wind quickens our step. Creatures abroad in this season of the year live intensely, stimulated by cold, using all their powers, all their capacities, to survive. Gone is the languor of August heat waves. Winter provides the testing months, the time for fortitude and courage."

                                                    Wandering through Winter
                                                              Edwin Way Teale 

I might see an outcome more in agreement with Linda Pastan's view.

                       "We must learn the cold lessons
                       The dinosaurs learned
                       to freeze magnified
                          in someone else's history:
                             to leave our bones behind."
                                                    Ice Age
                                                        Linda Pastan

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