Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is the squirrel who claims the backyard.
I had put some nuts in both the backyard and on the front porch.
As I posted earlier, the squirrel from the spruce in the front yard
has not problem coming up on the porch for nuts. However the
nuts I put on the chair by the bird bath stayed there until snow
and wind knocked them down. Saturday I put out sunflower
seeds and bread crusts I intended for the magpies. He worked on
them for hours but ignored the last Brazil nut on the chair.

``Till winter loosening these
With a first flurry and bluster,
Shall scatter across the snow-crust
Their dropped parentheses.``

                                                       Richard Wilbur

                  I tried a little experiment the next day I moved the
nuts closer to the bird feeder and they disappeared.
I now suspect he is afraid to get to far from the trees
because two small yappy dogs periodically race
from the house barking and chase him along the fence.

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