Monday, March 14, 2011

When I first started taking photos I wondered a bit about
spending so much time looking at the world through a lens. 
But the longer I used it the more I realized I was seeing either,
a world I had forgotten to stop and look at or a world
I could not process well enough with my naked eye
to actually see. So I thought that would be the theme
of this post.

I have posted this photo before but I love it.

After days of freezing temperatures and cloudy skies we had a
cold but clear blue sky. I saw two crows in the distance
but could not make out anything else. At home I saw one crow
was upside down. The sheer joy and exuberance was clear to see.
I can not believe this serves any purpose but celebration.
If we had wings wouldn't we do the same?

I am not sure what the chickadee is up to,
a friend suggested showing off. However
I know I would only see a blur without
the camera and I love the little spray of snow,
the sense of forward motion.

And for some reason the sight of water droplets flying
is always a big hit with me.


And there is the beauty in small seemly insignificant things.

                                           "We have been here so short a time
       and we pretend we have invented memory"

                               To The Insects
                                                    W.S. Merwin

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