Wednesday, July 11, 2012

But the mother and child reunion

We are working on the cabin but 
the other evening we took the canoe out on
the slough in front of the cabin. Thanks Ralph

"But the mother and child reunion 

Is only a motion away"

             Paul Simon

The female Bufflehead seems to have acquired
two broods as there is a size difference. There were
at least 17 chicks.

The always melodious Song Sparrow. 

A Spotted Sandpiper I last saw one a few
weeks ago in downtown Calgary quite a
change of pace.

The yellow flower was a Small Bladderwort
waiting to pounce on insects, go figure.

 "I allow myself eddies of meaning:   
yield to a direction of significance
like a stream through the geography of my work:   
   you can find
in my sayings
                         swerves of action
                         like the inlet’s cutting edge:
               there are dunes of motion,
organizations of grass, white sandy paths of remembrance   
in the overall wandering of mirroring mind:
but Overall is beyond me: is the sum of these events
I cannot draw, the ledger I cannot keep, the accounting
beyond the account:"

                                        Corsons Inlet
                                                      R.A. Ammons


Little darling of mine. "


Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a lot to look at up there. Is the cabin finished? What a nice retreat you and your wife have made.

Wild_Bill said...

That bufflehead has her hands full. Should lead to a nice group of ducks in the area. Wonderful photos!

Guy said...

Hi Sandy

We plan to stay there tonight. It has an outhouse ,no water and it will never have grid electricity but the main projects are done there is a lot of finish work for next year and maybe some propane appliances. Bu it is looking good.


Guy said...

Hi Bill

Yes mom is busy we can already see that the bigger brood ventures farther away and the smaller brood sticks closer to her. It is good to see all the activity.


Julie G. said...

My what a stunning area! Very peaceful and serene. Viewing the busy Bufflehead mom brought a big smile to my face. Beautiful creatures. Your lovely posts are always a pleasure to view!

Gary said...

Great spot for a cabin!! Was it a fox? Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Guy said...

Hi Julie

It is a lovely spot and it was great to see it is such a productive area for birds.


Guy said...

Hi Gary

I did not see the fox. It had a litter under one of the old graineries but I have yet to see it. I did find some Waxwings and a Wren but I will have to try again for the fox.


Lynn said...

All best wishes for dreams coming true for you and your wife. Your cabin site is perfect in every way. We spent five years in a similar spot. What wonderful memories you have brought back. Your love of photography, poetry and quotations is much appreciated.

Roy said...

Those Buffleheads, great shots Guy.

Guy said...

Hi Lynn

I am glad you enjoyed my post. We are back in the city now but we are looking forward to our next visit. And I have lots of photos left from this trip. Thanks for stopping by.


Guy said...

Hi Roy

I am very glad you enjoyed the photos all the best.


Kathie Brown said...

Guy, your posts are always an oasis for my mind and my spirit. You inspire to me to commune more deeply with nature and to read more poetry! I am so glad I found your blog. It has a simple and quiet beauty about it. I just love coming here! Love the buffleheads! And please keep on sharing your view of the world with us!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Thank you very much I think that is the nicest comment I have had. I have to say that I think our exchanges over the years have been on of the most postive things that have come out of my starting both my blogs and I always enjoy visting your blogs and reading your comments here.

Thanks Again.