Sunday, July 22, 2012

I had planned to stick to posts about the
trip to the cabin for now. However there has been a
lot going on and I could not resist an entry.
 roses are as seen from our bedroom window
the day we got back. When we left only a few
hardy roses like Teresa Brunet had bloomed.

"Delight in the small
those that inhabit
only a corner of the mind,
the ones shaped by wind
and a season: a slip of
grass, the nameless flower
that offers its scent
to a small wind."

Delight in the Small, The Silent
From Lorne Crozier's The Garden 
Going on Without Us

The juvenile robins as seen from the living room
windows were also interesting. I have been
trying to figure out if the difference in marking
is age or sex based.

"In the square
there is a wall where the old men sit and watch 
the young go by; he is seated in a row with them.
Desires are already memories."  

                   Invisible Cities
                             Italo Calvino

All week a flock of young House Sparrows emptied the
feeders. The today a pair of Grackles with four or more
young showed up and things got loud.

Only one chick appeared to be begging and the
adult ignored the others and carried the cleaned 
seeds to the called chick. One can only imagine 
what it was like to feed all of them

In these shots we can see that the chick's feather colours
vary among the brood I assume that is because they hatch
at different times.

"Whosoever he is that shall hope to cure this malady 
in himself or any other, must first rectify these 
passions and perturbations of the mind:
 the chiefest cure consists in them. A quiet mind 
is that pleasure."

                          Anatomy of Melancholy
                           Robert Burton


Anonymous said...

The roses are lovely, and is that birdbath. What a lot of birds you have!

Lynn said...

A well deserved appreciation of both cabin and home shines in your writing. I hope beautiful roses are someday adorning the cabin site too.

Guy said...

Hi Sandy

Thanks we seem to be at an all time high this year there seems to be a lot of fledglings around. So we have tons of activity in the yard which is always fun.


Guy said...

Hi Lynn

I am not planning on a lot of landscaping at the cabin but I am hoping to add some roses. I understand the rabbits and deer like them so they may have to have cages which is what my mother-in-law uses to protect her fruit trees.

All the best.