Friday, July 20, 2012

Even though we are back in Calgary this week
my thoughts often return to our cabin especially 
as I have hundreds of photos to go through. 
We started the cabin last summer but it was only
at the end of this trip that we ( my wife and I ) spent 
one night there instead of returning to the farm. 

We have made
some vague plans about what we would do with
the 80 acres but we have concentrated largely on
the cabin. The night we stayed there we sat in the 
screened porch constructed by my brother in law 
Brian ( thanks Brian without you and Ralph this would 
not have been possible). As it was not yet screened
we had a mosquito coil however we shared it with
a family of Barn Swallows so that was just as well.
One conclusion I came to was since the area directly
to the side of the porch had housed large number
of Garter Snakes the first year,  all sitting on the rocks
pushed up by the construction I would build a large
rock garden there. The area in front and to the right
of the cabin actually has a large meadow which is
one reason we picked this spot. It was covered with
wildflowers, Bee balm, Roses, Thistles, Vetch and 
Daises among others and with the flowers came birds
often in pairs either perched around the edges on the
poplars or perched on the flowers themselves. It was 
then we agreed that with the exception of a path/firebreak
right by the cabin the meadow and hopefully the 
flowers and birds would remain with no interference
from us. Okay I might add feeders. The following 
pictures we taken that evening or early the next morning.

If I misidentify someone please let me know.

" In all the world no place was mine
because I was driven like the other things.

But then I found the tumbleweed secret,
bounding along saying, "Where is my home?"

And the voices began to come at night,
warning. "We're lost-don't be like us."

                                                 William Stafford

Eastern Phoebe

Savannah Sparrow

While I did not see any brown streaking I think
these are Yellow Warblers

Cedar Waxwing

American Goldfinch

Add caption

Purple Finch

" I waited for my life to start
for years, standing at bus stops
looking into the curved distance
thinking each bus was the wrong bus;"

                                Waiting for My Life
                                           Linda Pastan


Anonymous said...

I would leave the field as is, too. What a wonderful place to watch wildlife!

You got the birds right, as far as I know. Sometimes I have trouble with the purple and red finches.

Enjoy the weekend!

Kathie Brown said...

I love the look of your cabin and the lovely meadow. I am glad that you are preserving the meadow for the birds and building the rock garden for the garter snakes! I bet you can't wait for the scrrens ofr that porch!

Guy said...

Hi Sandy

Thanks for your comments. I do have trouble with sparrows which I am hoping to work on at the cabin.


Guy said...

Hi Kathie

I am really looking forward to the screened in porch and I am actually looking forward to the rock garden as well. But the next big project is a huge covered dog run so the coyotes and owls cannot get at our lap dogs.


Lynn said...

Once again you have included the cabin, excellent photographs and poetry. Lovely blog.

Guy said...

Hi Lynn

Yes the cabin is still often in our thoughts even though we actually have a lot of yard work here in town. But I still want to do some more posts about the cabin or the area around it.

All the best.