Sunday, July 29, 2012

I had been noticing a number of 
House Wrens (?) singing from one of 
the old granaries. Then one evening while
taking a walk I heard a real commotion
in a grove of trees and found a whole family
of Wrens. They are a lovely, elegant bird
and noisy little bird.

"All summer long that little wren
Would chatter like a saucy thing;
And in the bush attack the thrush
That on the hawthorn perched to sing.
Like many noisy little men,
Lived, bragged, and fought that little wren"

                                       The Wren
                                             Charles Sangster


"To feast on summer sounds; the jolted wains,
The thrasher humming from the farm near by,
The prattling cricket's intermittent cry,
The locust's rattle from the sultry lanes;
Or in the shadow of some oaken spray,
To watch, as through a mist of light and dreams,
The far-off hay-fields, where the dusty teams
Drive round and round the lessening squares of hay,
And hear upon the wind, now loud, now low,
With drowsy cadence half a summer's day,
The clatter of the reapers come and go."

                             The Comfort of the Fields
                                      Archibald Lampman


Gary said...

They're beauties!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River,. Canada.

Wanda said...

I absolutely love the House Wren song--and they sing so much!

Also appreciate Archibald Lampman.



Guy said...

Hi Gary

Thanks you very much.


Guy said...

Hi Wanda

I am glad you enjoyed the Lampman, yes the wrens seem to be cheerful little birds.


Kathie Brown said...

I am finding these bold little birds all over the place now too guy. I have seen them at the park and the bog and another blogger in Vermont mentioned finding them there as well.

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Yes I always see one but I have never seen or heard this many. It was a fairly good year for birds here and at the farm.