Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sorry it has been a while since I updated
my blog on our work on the cabin. Things came up.

Monday July 18th.

Work on the roof continued it is plus 30 degrees
on the ground with the metal roofing and tar paper it is
worse up there. Helen's brothers soldier on.

Helen surveys the neighbourhood.

Tuesday July 19th

That is not the camera, our contractor supplied two
different shades of red roofing. The other sides match,
it is only this side, the one you see when you arrive
that had to be striped. 

Another 30 plus degree day but Ralph and Brian finish the roof.
Helen and I have palmed sanded the cabin and begin staining.
We finish the front and the far side. The front we stained by hand
the side we used a power sprayer to shoot stain everywhere and 
then rolled the stain even with a roller and a bit of brush work.
That was a better method faster and more even.

The neighbours were also busy, we saw up to three beavers
on the slough at the same time.

I guess were were a bit noisy.

Wed July 20th

No photos, we had hoped to finish the staining but after
two hours, the rain got worse since we were worried about the
road we went to the farm. As we arrived at the farm the
power went out about 10:30 am and was off the rest of the day
lots of wind and rain. We have had a fair bit of wind
this trip with lots of fallen limbs.

Thursday July 21st

Power still out but since we are using a generator
we finish staining and begin cleaning up. We are leaving Friday
and so we cannot actually stay in the cabin this summer.
Next spring we will build the outhouse, put in the floor and
appliances (propane), and mosquito proof it so we can stay
later in the summer. We will also have it skirted to keep
the wind and critters from getting underneath.

Power back on yeah.

We also hope to open a path so we can see annother slough
that is beside the cabin as well. Also we will clear some other
 paths. However we will leave most of the woods intact
since it is the very reason we bought the land. The woods
have many plants including an impressive stand of
stinging nettles.

and some Pincherry

A final look at the cabin, the patio door boarded up to
discourage access. It will take years to actually finish
but that is part of the adventure.

"Once more. Say, you are in the country; in some high land of lakes.
Take almost any path you please, and ten to one
it carries
you down in a dale, and leaves you there by a pool in the stream.
There is magic in it. "

                                             Moby Dick
                                                                        Herman Melville


Kathiesbirds said...

It all looks like heaven to me! Good job! I look forward to further adventures at the cabin!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

It is a great critter watching spot and fairly quiet. I am already looking forward to staying there next summer.