Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I wanted to capture the release of the cottonwood fuzz
in Calgary. This is a yearly event although it is not as
common as it used to be. Cottonwood were planted
as a hardy tree along city streets. As other varieties
became available the city began to discourage planting
cottonwoods they are messy, not long lived and they
drop a lot of limbs in the wind storms. I was raised
near the Lake Erie where in the summer you sometimes
 get drifts of Fish Flies or May Flies so this seems
fairly harmless and a lot less smelly.

Even though it is not snowing I thought a quote
from Frozen Fire by Floris Clark McLaren
1937 would work besides I just got my copy 
in the mail today and wanted to use it.

" Against the blue of spruces, and the grey
Of bare-boughed poplar suddenly
As though a snowdrift burst in
scattering fragments."

                      Frozen Fire 
                           Floris Clark McLaren


Anonymous said...

My parents had one tall cottonwood in the yard, so I remember the fluff in the air. It is pretty on the ground. but I will bet it sticks to wet shoes and dogs.

Guy said...

Hi Sandy

You know that suggests a pretty intriguing experiment which attracts more fuzz a Pomeranian cross or a Shih-Tzu cross? However I am pretty sure my wife would veto the experiment. Also I think Shaun would win paws down. We had a huge poplar in the yard in Ontario when I was a teenager but I think ours was fuzz free.

All the best