Thursday, July 14, 2011

 Cabin construction in Saskatchewan
The road to the site. Saturday, cabin delayed 
truck problem.

Helen's brothers have the beams and posts in place.

The view of the slough from the site.

Sunday the cabin arrives backing into the site.

The new neighbours between 5 to 10 snakes 
from large to small are sitting on a mound 
of disturbed earth next to the site. A plus.

By end of Sunday the deck and floor are in.

Monday the walls begin to go up

 Sunday a black bear swims across the
slough in front of the cabin. A  bit far for
my lens.

"The wind blows through
the little hut in the rice field
and the moonlight shines through the roof
and guards us all through the night."

                                    Shunzei's Daughter
                                         Women Poets of Japan


Kathiesbirds said...

Oh my, it is going up fast. It IS a little bit of heaven! wow! I am so happy for you!

Guy said...

Thanks Kathie

Yes the cabin is going well and it is a great spot for birds.


Wanda Pedersen said...

Do you think you might have a snake hibernaculum on the property? That would be fun!

Guy said...

Hi Wanda

Good to hear from you. Helen while cool on one on the property but is adamant that there will not be one in the cabin. I have never seen so many garter snakes in one place and some are fairly large. The boys say there are normally lots in the area and that they are really big this year became there are tons of toads. If you pick up a big one to move it off the road they pee on you. I have of course brought back a shed skin. It did not travel well.

All the best.