Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday at lunch I went to a pond near my
office. Last week it was ice covered, now it
has melted and the mallards and geese are
enjoying it, which involved chasing each other.
The pond is fed by pumps that
are not actually turned on until May to
discourage nesting. Either the policy has
changed or I think this may be melt water,
we have had a lot of snow this year.

I suspect someone has already been
feeding them, they get pretty chummy.

"When the geese come back in the Spring
And they learn that their friend has gone,
I wonder will they take to wing
And try to follow him on?"


"There were hunters wherever they flew,
And snares for the careless wing.
Now, they'll grieve for the friend they knew
When the birds come back in the Spring."

both verses from a
Tribute to Jack Miner
                  by Edgar A. Guest

 While Canadian Geese are not popular I was
raised in Southern Ontario and made many trips
to the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary.  A hunter turned
conservationlist he worked a great deal with
Canadian Geese and was nicknamed Wild Goose
Jack. Some claim he was actually so successful
in attracting geese to his property that he
changed the flight paths of the migrating geese.


Kathiesbirds said...

Oh my! What a man! I had not heard of him. I happen to like Canada Geese even though they can be a pest. I think they are beautiful and when they are flying high overhead and honking it makes me feel wild inside.

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Even though they can be a pest, I think the sight and sound of them migrating provides one of the most evocative signals for the change of seasons in North America.