Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last week there was lots of nest building going on.

This magpie objected to me watching it collect sticks.

It has chosen to nest in a tree next to a public path
and within 6 feet of a huge transformer that hums

The tree is also dying as far as I can tell, we did lose
lots of spruce to drought a few years ago. I am worried
however that we may be getting spruce budworm here.
Since spruce are the most common conifer in Calgary
this could be a real disaster. We also have 4 fifty year old
spruce on our front lawn ( it is a bit crowded ) which house
lots of critters and I would be hate to loose them.

The next day I found another nest much bigger
and well hidden.  The two Magpies were
working on it as I watched.

"Every bird had sought its nest,
And each flower-spirit
Dreamed of that delicious rest"

                Lost and Found
                            Charles Sangster


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a magpie. They really look big.

Guy said...

Hi Sandy They are a good size with a really long tail.They are quite bold and very noisy.
Tourists who have not seen one before are always impressed and ask about them.