Friday, April 29, 2011

Some pictures of the farm. This is the original house that
occupied the homestead. Built sometime around 1912 it is a small
long cabin. Helen's family did not own the land then.

This is the second house on the farm. Built in the 1920's some
vistors have suggested it was a kit house from a catalogue and
shipped out by rail we are not sure. Some older vistors claimed to
have attended dances there. My wife lived there as a child
until the new house was built.

Willows by the drive

Bales in the pasture

Country Roads

"It seems I must content myself to be
a poet of quiet places and gentle hands
of sun-streaked sky and rough-edged voices
dusty prairies towns and wind-burned faces
eveything so commonplace and familiar"

Sitting on a high bank
                        over the South Saskatchewan River

                     Glen Sorestad


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful area. Thanks for posting the houses. I love seeing them. My friend's parents in Montana had a kit house, and I know of several here in New England. I wonder how they shipped them??

Lené Gary said...

Great poem and reflections through your images. I have the same question as Sandy, how did they ship kit houses? Interesting.

Guy said...
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Guy said...

Hi Sandy Lene

I found a bit more information so I deleted my first comment.

It appears both Eatons and Aladdin sold kit houses in Canada. A large number of companies including Sears sold them in the US.

It appears that the homes or components of them were shipped by rail.

Thanks for your comments.