Friday, December 16, 2011

Soul-melting scenery was about me…
- George Catlin

The other day I opened my email and found this beautiful photo. It was in a
Christmas email from our friends Tim and Laraine. These are their dogs
Yogi and Andi roaming their property in Southern Alberta. While I have known 
a number of their pets over the years we have not visited recently and while we
have seen pictures we have not meet these beautiful dogs, but hopefully we can
remedy that soon.

I could not remember what breed they were so Tim
kindly supplied the following information

"The dogs are Akbash-Maremma crosses. Yogi is 3/4 Akbash and
looks much like any Akbash. The Maremma is much stronger in
Andi. They are usually working dogs and kept with sheep or cattle to
deter predators. Their job here is to keep coyotes and deer out of the
yard. They are also companion dogs here which works as they get a
long walk every day and there is plenty of room for them.
Andi prefers to be outside except in severe weather, whereas Yogi
has aspirations of becoming a house dog.  I'd suggest that they are
not suitable as urban dogs or even good for acreages where there
are neighbours around.They bark a great deal before they actually
chase anything. I understand that that is their breeding."

Thanks for that Tim

" Cocked in that land tactile as leaves
wild things wait crouched in those valleys
west of your city outside your lives
in the ultimate wind, the whole land's wave.
Come west and see, touch these leaves."

                                              Willam Stafford



Kathiesbirds said...

Those are beautiful dogs and what a beautiful picture! Perfect for Christmas and winter!

Guy said...

Hi Kathis

That is what I thought, a very seasonal picture. And the dogs do look nice against the snow.