Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"I was so busy rushing headlong into the future, loving libraries and
books and authors with all my heart and soul, was so consumed
with becoming myself that I simply didn't notice that I was short,
homely and untalented."

     From the introduction to Bradbury Stories ( William Morrow publ.)
                             by Ray Bradbury

Since retiring in May this is the first time I have the luxury of  
sitting down at home and fiddling with my books. It seems to 
be a time to read, think and look, both forward and backward.
My books; mirrors to the reflections, loves, lives of so many 
others, both real and imagined, help as well.

"We live forward, but understand backwards'

                       from Reading Dante: From Here to Eternity
by Prue Shaw

Sunday, October 11, 2015

" we are asleep over charts at running windows
we are asleep with compasses in our hands
and at the bow of the stone boat
the wave from the ends of the earth keeps breaking"

from The Estuary
by W.S. Merwin

I have been out of circulation for awhile, we went on
an Alaskan cruise with no internet access we cared to
pay for and then I had a cold and sat around feeling sorry
for myself. Now recovered and with lots of photos from
both the cruise and the summer at the cabin I will try to
post more often. I am not sure if the subject of Merwin
poems exactly matches the photos but they often mirror
my feelings, while observing and experiencing the world
with all it's history, complexity, colour and movement.

" I am the child who plans the Ark
back of the house while there is still 
time and rides bareback on the dark
horse through the summer night until
day finds us on the leafless hill
who stands at evening by the lake
looking out on it as I will
as long as I am here awake. "

    from Testimony
        by W.S. Merlin