Thursday, January 28, 2016

" He sighed, more exhaustedly than regretfully, I thought. That morning was the last time I saw Moreland. It was also the last time I had, with anyone, the sort of talk we used to have together. Things drawing to a close, even quite suddenly, was hardly a surprise. The look Moreland had was the one people take on when a stage has been reached quite different from just being ill.

from Temporary Kings ( A Dance to the Music of Time )

by Anthony Powell

This morning we said goodbye to our cat Max. For many years, he sat with me in the morning before the rest of the house was up. And in the evening the two of us would sit in my study to read or watch hockey while the rest of the family was in the living room. This summer he spent 3 months at the cabin with us, mostly sleeping on the screened in porch in a state of feline bliss. It was only a few months ago when his health started to fail that I came to appreciate the tremendous gap he would leave.

Max and I collaborated on this poem in April of 2012
it was a happier time. Rest in love little man.

The Cat Wishes to Use the Pen
by Max

To write doubtless, 

about the space under the rug where he keeps things and 

the spot under the coffee table where he also keeps things

including himself, dreaming of jungle, he would like to

immortalize lurking unseen.

Unless he wants a drink in which case he will write 

of the white porcelain tub where he sits demanding 

a drink from the faucet. Or yowling through the house 

until someone follows him to his dish to witness 

the wonder of a feeding cat.

He would include a triumphant inventory of the 

clawed furniture, the red leather chair, the sofa, the 

good Lazy Boy. The declawed cat broke lamps but he

is all about fabric, sweaters, wedding dresses, 

comforters and of course the good Lazy Boy.

He would surely write about laying across a warm chest 

with one paw extended purring happily. But there will be

no mention of the small white dog who sniffs his butt,

let him write his own poem.

"The thudding sound from the quarry had declined now to no more than a gentle reverberation, infinitely remote. It ceased altogether at the long drawn wail of a hooter - the distant pounding of centaurs' hoofs dying away, as the last note of their conch trumpeted out over hyperborean seas. Even the formal measure of the seasons seemed suspended in the wintry silence."

from Hearing Secret Harmonies ( A Dance to the Music of Time )

by Anthony Powell


Celeste said...

Oh Guy,
I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds as though you lost a very special friend.

Guy said...

Thanks Celeste

He certainly was, a even bigger part of my day than I realized.


WildBill said...

Losing a pet friend is very difficult. I wish more people felt as close to their animal pals as you do. Your life was richer for having experienced this pal.

Guy said...

Thanks Bill

Your right, my life has been richer because of my pets.They are a great source of love and friendship.


Kathie Brown said...

Guy, I am so sorry for the gap, the loss of your feline friend. I have two kitties who yowl around my house. I do not think of myself as a cat person, but I certainly love MY cats. Gus and I still feel the empty space of missing our little dog, Blossom, who has been gone for just over a year now. I am happy to see that he and one of our cats, Miss Bonnie, have started to become friends. She still loves me best, but she has accepted him into her circle, and he talks to her sometimes like he used to talk to Blossom. I think this is a good thing. I hope your heart heals with time. perhaps you need another cat? Max looks lovely.

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

I am sorry to hear about Blossom, I know it can be very tough to deal with losing pets but they bring so much joy when they are with us. With the three dogs I don't think we will have another cat, Max certainly become a big part of my life even though we had not intended to get him. He was a rescue from a friend's family, but we were certainly rewarded for taking him in, although he did wreck all our furniture.