Saturday, January 16, 2016

"And I have dreamed
of the morning coming in
like a bird through the window
not burdened by a thought, "

from The Design of the House:
Ideal and Hard Time
by Wendell Berry

I have not taken many photos this winter. The winter has been fairly mild but its been cold in the New Year. So I have been looking thru my photos from the summer. Here are more shots of one (I think mom) of the fox family who were always around the farm teasing Willow the farm dog, who I must say seemed to enjoy it.

" let me catch sight of you again going over the wall
and before the garden is extinct and the woods are figures
guttering on a screen let my words find their own
places in the silence after the animals"

from Vixen
by W.S. Merwin


Roy Norris said...

She is quite a character Guy.
Yes Winter is not so good for nature watching and you definitely need to be wrapped up well.
The visit also needs to be fruitful otherwise you probably wish you hadn't bothered.{:))

Guy said...

Thanks Roy