Saturday, July 4, 2015

" when I have seen you I have waked and slipped from the calendars
from the creeds of difference and the contradictions
       that were my life and all the crumbling fabrications
as long as it lasted until something that we were
       had ended when you are no longer anything
let me catch sight of you again going over the wall
       and before the garden is extinct and the woods are figures
guttering on a screen let my words find their own
       places in the silence after the animals "

from Vixen
W.S. Merwin

Earlier I posted photos of the fox kits, this is mom. She has been 
playing a game with Willow for years where she shows herself
so Willow can chase her. We have heard of these odd relationships
between farm dogs and foxes from other farm families. Willow is
a very large Border Collie mix and the fox is tiny so it is an odd
interaction. This week When we drove into the yard Willow was chasing 
the fox then Willow turned around and ran while the fox chased her. 
The other day my mother in law mentioned that the kits were playing 
with Willow's toys while she watched quietly from the window given 
that Willow is very protective of the yard this seems very unusual.


Kathie Brown said...

What an interesting interaction to observe!

Guy said...

Thanks Kathie