Monday, July 13, 2015

"As we were walking on our lonely road
there came, like lightning ripping through the air,
a voice, shot out at us from up ahead:

" I shall be slain by all who find me !" - Then
it rolled past us like thunder dying down
after a sudden bursting of a cloud."

Purgatory, Dante Canto XIV lines 130 - 135
translator Mike Musa
words attributed to Cain

I took this photo of the coyote in our hayfield a few weeks ago. Coyotes
numbers seem to be increasing and there are more and more of them in 
western cities despite the fact they are treated as a pest species and shot
on sight. I can rarely hear them without my hearing aids but they call 
briefly each night and I can often observe when they start by Whateley's 
reaction since he seems to react the most of the three dogs, just a attentive
posture most nights.

Hurray a thunderstorm just started, hopefully it will rain a 
couple of days.  Nothing like a downpour on a tin roof.

"I come home with a chicken or
a rabbit and sit up
singing all night with my friends.
It´s baroque, my life, and
I tell it on the mountain.

I wouldn´t trade it for yours."

from Coyote
                     by William Stafford

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