Monday, June 16, 2014

"When a cold spell would come late in the spring, 
causing us to feel that some fundamental disorder was at hand, 
she would quote from a source I have never found: "The time 
will come when we'll not know the winter from the summer, 
but by the budding of the trees." And though that time has never 
come, I believed then that it would come, and I believe it still."

                                                                     from A World Lost
                                                                              by Wendell Berry

We finally arrived at the cabin to be greeted by a wide 
variety of duck species on the slough, the blooms on the 
Saskatoon bushes, the graceful swaying of the few trees
that the beavers have spared on the spit of land that juts 
on into the water

and of course Spring.

" An old terror, learned long ago from his time, returned to Andy
now and shook him—not the terror of the end of the world, but 
of the end, simply of all he knew and loved, which would then exist 
only in his knowing, the little creature of his memory, and so he would
be forced to collaborate willy-nilly in the dominance of human intention
over the world. "

                                        from Remembering 
                                                                Wendell Berry

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