Friday, June 27, 2014

"Through miles of shadow and soft heat,
Where field and fallow, fence and tree,
Were all one world of greenery,
I heard the robin ringing sweet,
The sparrow piping silverly,
The thrushes at the forest's hem
And as I went I sang with them. "

from After Rain
                         by Archibald Lampman

The Phoebes as I have said in earlier posts are the first
birds wee see at the cabin surveying any movement
ant change from some high vantage point, always watchful
always busy. I think they have taken to nesting under 
the cabin which is raised above the ground on posts.

They strike me as very cheerful and make good neighbors.

" The sky so blue things must have trembled
and sunsets burned at the world-edge
-tiny three-toed horses without riders
and stone listened to stone
wondering whether to take a chance
or else remain stone forever
birds like red bonfires plunge thru trees
flying reptiles flap leather wings
attack water reflections of themselves
which are not less unreal than they are."

     from On The Bearpaw Sea
        by Al Purdy


kerrdelune said...

I had forgotten these poems by Lampman and Purdy, and thank you for bringing them back to me! Love the phoebe images too, the little birds are dear to my heart.

Guy said...

Hi Cate

I am glas you enjoyed the poems, thanks for commenting.


Celeste said...

I can't think of sweeter neighbours to have :)

Kathie Brown said...

Love the Phoebes. Love the quotes, especially the one about "birds like red bonfires plunging through trees!"