Sunday, December 1, 2013

the day shut down like Napoleon
at Moscow
a day for art
the marvel of flight and of stillness
commotion and silence"

                                    War and Peace
                                                D. G. Jones

I have combined a bit of travel for work and the winter 
blahs as an excuse for no taking many photos or blogging.
We currently have a blizzard warning here so I thought
I would offer some photos of the flames of October and a 
poem I wrote some years ago while on a another work 
related bus trip through a winter landscape.

On a Bus Headed North

20 below, everything fades to white,
fields stretch to a white horizon
each tree, woodlot is rimmed in frost
and the white non-light still holds
against an unseen dawn.
On the snow mantled farm the
red buildings bleed to rose,
the yard light shines like a grounded star,
and if I could stop and walk
up the long path, pass the granaries,
the black on white piano key
repetition of fence posts,
would I be a mysterious guest
a magi, or merely home?

But we continue north to a grey,
shuttered city, waiting for spring to come
and open it like a can.



WildBill said...

I can't get enough of winter. It is just really starting here. I love all four seasons but winter is the one that gets the adrenaline circulating in these old veins.

Great photos!

Guy said...

Hi Bill

I have to admire your ardour, while I do enjoy the sights and sounds of winter soemdays I am happy to do it from inside.

All the best