Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"I thought of you in the sweet 
South; and the wind at the window was only
A warm breeze to melt the icicles of sleep."

from A Window on the North
R. A. D. Ford

Yesterday as expected we got our blizzard
not a huge amount of snow, but high wind 
chills with lots of drifting snow, mayhem 
and confusion. Today it was still cold -14 c 
at lunch with the sun showing blue and red 
thru a cloudy sky. I saw only one magpie and 
two jackrabbits that wanted no part of photos.

"Else winter reigns throughout the self
                            and we become
more barren than the nest
that sways within a winter wind."

from Winterkill
      D. G. Jones


Roy Norris said...

We are getting high winds, but no snow Guy. Amazing snow shots you have taken.

Guy said...

Hi Roy

It seems every one is having bad weather of one kind or another. But looking out the window I think I will be taking snow shots for some time.