Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Something is calling to me
from the corners of fields,
where the leftover fence wire
suns its loose coils, and stones
thrown out of the furrow
sleep in warm litters;
where the gray faces
of old No Hunting signs
mutter into the wind,"
                            from In the Corners of Fields
                                            Ted Kooser

The last of the photos from our trip to the
Cabin in May a bit late but we switched 
computers which took a while to figure out.
We are starting the trip home. A few inhabitants
of the Prairie pot holes

And then the Prairie a canvas of sky, cloud and horizon.

"Would I miss the way a breeze dimples
the butter-colored curtains on Sunday mornings,
or nights gnashed by cicadas and thunderstorms?
The leaning gossip, the half-alive ripple
of sunflowers, sagging eternities of corn
and sorghum, September preaching yellow, yellow
in all directions,"

 from  Prairie Sure
                                 Carol Light    


WildBill said...

Some incredible photos here, but the first with the road rising and the blue sky with clouds in the background? Just brilliant!

Guy said...

Thanks Bill

I do love that landscape.


Gary said...

Great show of the prairies Guy. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Guy said...

Hi Gary

Thanks the prairies have really grown on me over the years, such dramatic skies.


Celeste said...

Perfect Yellow-headed Blackbird shots, it's been so long since I have seen one of those.

Guy said...

Hi Celeste

I always enjoy seeing them they are a bit of a treat.