Saturday, June 22, 2013

Calgary Flood June 2013

A you may have seen on the news Calgary has experienced 
a severe flood in the last few days. While we have had
a wet June and a record rainfall in the city Thursday and 
Friday the main problem was even heavier rains in the 
mountains  feeding the Bow and Elbow rivers as they flow 
towards Calgary. This has caused great great damage and 
some deaths in the small communities along the rivers. In 
Calgary some 60,000 - 100,000 people have been evacuated 
from the neighborhoods along the river and downtown will 
probably be closed for several days to dry out the powers 
transformers. Helen and I are fine our home is in a higher area
 and we did not even lose power. While I do have photos of the
 flood I think I will instead offer some photos taken in our 
yard earlier in the week when the rain was just the rain..

In the rain a young dog eats grass. The old dog well...,

This osprey surveys the flood.

"Here, where the world is quiet;
         Here, where all trouble seems
Dead winds' and spent waves' riot
         In doubtful dreams of dreams;
I watch the green field growing
For reaping folk and sowing,
For harvest-time and mowing,
         A sleepy world of streams."

                            from The Garden of Proserpine

                                                    Algernon Charles Swinburne


WildBill said...

I can really understand how devastating flooding destruction can be. The unbelievable power of rivers swollen well beyond their banks is more than frightening. We had horrible destruction from Hurricane Irene almost two years ago, some areas are still recovering. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered from this tragedy!

Roy Norris said...

Its good to hear you are OK Guy.

Guy said...

Hi Will

Yes that was for me the most surprising thing, the sheer power of all this water coming down so quickly from the mountains. It will be a long clean up.


Guy said...

Hi Roy

Thanks. The most surreal part of this and a number of people used that world to describe it was that if you were in a higher area nothing had changed. Since they discouraged travel people actually spent the weekend in their own neighborhoods cutting grass and walking dogs while all this destruction was happening a few miles away.