Thursday, April 11, 2013

"the walk liberating, I was released from forms,
from the perpendiculars,     
straight lines, blocks, boxes, binds
of thought into the hues, shadings, rises, flowing bends
and blends of sight: "

from Corsons Inlet
    A.R. Ammons

Went for another walk along the seawall
early one morning and turned towards the trees.
So many choices.

I found a group of friends enjoying what is
obviously a regular play date.

And a really beautiful Varied Thrush.

I worked in the Crowsnest pass area of the
Alberta Rockies for a couple summers while I was
in achaeology it was quite beautiful, but I
have to admit I enjoyed the prairies, the foothills,
the Aspen parklands more, and of couse I love
the sea but I could not go to Stanley Park 
without a photo of the mountains.

"At first he was out with the dawn
whether it yellowed bright as wood-columbine
or was only a fuzzed moth in a flannel of storm
But he found the mountain was clearly alive
sent messages whizzing down every hot morning
boomed proclamations at noon and spread out
a white guard of goat
before falling asleep on its feet at sundown"

Earle Birney


Roy Norris said...

The thrush is beautifully marked Guy.

Guy said...

HI Roy

Yes it was a truly lovely bird.


Kathie Brown said...

Love the photos!
Love the thrush!
Love the final quote so much!
I have never seen that thrush!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

I am glad you liked the post. The thrush was especially beautiful amid the brown of the leaves.