Sunday, April 21, 2013

“Poetry is as necessary to comprehension as science.
It is as impossible to live without reverence as it is
without joy.” 

                from The Outermost House
                             Henry Beston

Another walk along the seawall to Siwash Rock.

Siwash Rock (also known by Squamish name Skalsh or Slhx̱i7lsh[1])
 is a famous rock outcropping in VancouverBritish Columbia
Canada's Stanley Park. A legend among the Indigenous Squamish 
surrounds the origin of the rock . It is between 15 and 18 metres tall (50–60 feet).

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This walk did offer an opportunity to enjoy the beach
and the gulls

It also reminded us that we were is a large

The next photo shows what I really enjoy about
this spot, the mountains, the forest and the sea all
combined in a large vibrant city and a working port.

Finally the cliff comes right down 
to the seawall and there is Siwash rock.

The native legend states that this rock is a 
young chief transformed to stone as a tribute
to his loyalty to his unborn child. The following 
link is to "The Siwash Rock" by E. Pauline Johnson

We all know by now that the life of the sea fascinates me.

And all walks should include a sunset.

"We all want to break our orbits, 
float like a satellite gone wild in space, 
run the risk of disintegration. 
We all want to take our lives in our own hands 
and hurl them out among the stars."

from Coasting Towards Midnight
at the Southeastern Fair

David Bottoms


Julie G. said...

This looks like a lovely area to visit. I too enjoy being close to water. It's especially wonderful that mountains are near as well. Stunning photographs of glorious scenes!

Guy said...

Hi Julie

It is a lovely area, and the fact that there is so much variety is a big part of it's charm. There is always something to see and something to photograph.


WildBill said...

These places where mountains nestle against the sea are just fascinating. Love the First American rock lore!

My niece is moving to Squamish BC so I'm hoping to visit her there!

Guy said...

Hi Bill

Good to hear from you. I am sure you would enjoy a visit to BC there is a lot of beautiful country to see and lots of animals as well.


Roy Norris said...

Quite amazing scenery Guy.

Guy said...

Thanks Roy

The scenery in BC is quite lovely. As you can tell I always enjoy my visits.


Kathie Brown said...

Guy, you choose the most amazing poetry. I really like that last one by David Bottoms, and I would love to visit this place. I see why you like it so!

Guy said...

Him Kathie

I am glad you liked the poem, I I have not looked at the latest poetry on you blog ( sorry )I will try to get there this weekend.

Thanks for visiting.