Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday it was fairly cold but I trundled down to the
library to pick up some books by A. R. Ammons.
First I passed  the front door rabbit who often sits bum
against the spruce at the foot of our front stairs.
Then I looked to see how my neigbours gardens
had fared in the new snow. It was one of those
days when I had a long to do list and no ambition. 
I still have a long to do list.

The burdens of the world
on my back
lighten the world
not a whit while
removing them greatly
decreases my specific

                         A.R. Ammons


Kathiesbirds said...

Oh how I would rather go for a walk, read a good book, or blog than have a long "to do " list!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

I prefer to do all those things as well which is why, I suspect the list has gotten so long.


Kathiesbirds said...