Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I went down to the park on Tuesday and there they
were finally, insects, a selection of bees and wasps.
Despite having most of  the books of J.H. Fabre and
Edwin Way Teale and spending part of my youth
with a jam jar ( catch and release only )
I am still not great with names, I am still looking
through Sibley for the tree as well. (hints welcome)
The first is a small bee or small wasp.

The next two photos are of a Western Yellow Jacket?

I have always just called these Bumble Bees

"Dear insects, my study of you has sustained
me and continues to sustain me in my heaviest
trials; I must take leave of you for to-day.
The ranks are thinning around me and the
long hopes have fled. Shall I be able to speak
of you again ? "

Bramble-Bees & Others
                        J.H. Fabre

The footnote mentions that after this passage
he wrote another seven volumes on insects.


Anonymous said...

The stripes on the first bee look like a honey bee's markings. BTW, I clicked that one larger, and it is amazing. I would crop it and post it large.

The second looks like our yellowjackets, and the third looks like the eastern carpenter bees. Western in your case!

Guy said...

Hi Sandy

Thanks for your suggestions and identifications. I tried making the first photo bigger and it does look great.

I am working on bee id. J Acorn's "Bugs of Alberta" notes there are about 35 species of Bumblebees in Alberta and he has a picture of one.

All the best.