Friday, May 6, 2011

I did not have a lot of luck
getting close to animals on the

Anyone who has seen the huge white tailed
jackrabbits I post about in Calgary can
imagine how I enjoy seeing the tiny chocolate
bunny like snowshoe hares. The damage to
the tree is caused by deer and porcupine
the hares tend to gnaw the bark off
in a ring lower down the tree.  Note the
big feet for such a small animal.

I spent hours in the bush every day sulking
past endless moose droppings. So of
course we saw this yearling beside the
road on the way home from a wonderful
Easter Dinner.

"Deer have stood around our house
at night so still nobody knew,
and waited with ears baling air.
I hunt the still deer everwhere,"

                                               Deer Stolen
                                                                 William Stafford


Gary said...

Great shots of the moose;somehow, the animal that so typifies Canada. They always look to me like the product of a committee and comprise; yet, are so effective in their environment. What could be a better statement of Canada?? Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Guy said...

Thanks Gary

They are an odd mixture, ungainly when still yet surprisingly graceful when moving.


Anonymous said...

All the shots are very good, but I enjoyed the moose photos the best. I think he was as interested in you as you in him.

We never see rabbits here, and I can't imagine why. My husband grew up in the northwestern corner of Maine, near the Quebec border, and he remembers tons of rabbits there.

Guy said...

Hi Sandy When I lived in Central Canada I rarely saw rabbits. I have never seen as many hares on the farm in 20 years as I saw this year. Their population tends to explode and collapse. The populations of jackrabbits do seem to be going up in the western cities but we also have a lot more coyotes and hawks so that will probably even out at some point.

Thanks for stopping by.