Sunday, June 18, 2017

“A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and 
full of wonders.” 

by Lord Dunsany

We had a bat in the cabin so the mouse related cleaning has 
expanded. Trips to the dump, nailing of boards, caulking,
reorganizing, plastic bins….,

 We brought the canoe over from the farm today so 
hopefully we can get out on the slough this week.

This Red Necked Grebe has nested on the far side of the 
slough directly across from the cabin.

We have had several days of rain for a couple of inches so far.

This family of Canadian Geese are also nesting on the slough, 
this is only the second year we have had geese here. 

The other night the beavers alerted us, with much slapping of tails,
to several deer on the far side of the slough. After several years
of only seeing a couple of deer for an entire summer it looks
like the population has rebounded.

We have also not see the bear or any of it's scat so far.

We have only see one garter snake in two weeks, normally we
would see multiple snakes each time we walked the dogs. It is
interesting to observe how the animal populations seem to 
fluctuate from year to year.

“Then I perceived, what I had never thought, that all these staring 
houses were not alike, but different one from another, 
because they held different dreams.” 

from A Dreamer's Tales
by Lord Dunsany


Gordon said...

What a lovely and interesting post, yes its the same in this country as regards population explosions or decline. A lot depends on food supply or the weather, and both are very often intertwined.
All the best Gordon.

Guy said...

Hi Gordon

Thanks for your comment. One of the reasons my wife and I enjoy being able to spend so much time here year after year is to see how the natural cycle of weather or animal population dynamics are manifested in one environment. That said we do miss some favourite animals when they disappear for awhile, and I would like a few of (okay a lot) of my poplars back.