Thursday, June 16, 2016


"In personalities I like mild colourless people.
And in colors I prefer gray and brown."

                          from Passing Remark
                       by William Stafford

A rainy day on the metal roof here so it is time to look thru some photos. I have come to love the catbirds I see at the cabin. They seem fairly habitat specific haunting the low scrub and saplings along the slopes edging the slough. The fairly open areas they frequent do make for some good views.

"My people, now it is time
for us all to shake hands with the rain.
It's a neighbour, lives here all winter.
Talkative, yes. It will tap late 
at night on your door and stay there
gossiping. It goes away without goodbye
leaving its gray touch on old wood.

—- barefoot, it has walked 
with us with its silver passport all over the world."

from Wovoka's Witness
by William Stafford

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