Sunday, May 1, 2016

A trip to visit family and friends and the new Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada, Toronto

split like spun 
glass, move themselves with spotlight swiftness
into the crevices— 
in and out, illuminating 

turquoise sea 
of bodies. The water drives a wedge 
of iron through the iron edge 
of the cliff; whereupon the stars,"

from The Fish
by Marianne Moore

"Ancient as ocean’s shifting hills, who in sea-toils

Travelling, who furrowing the salt acres
Heavily, his wake hoary behind him,
Shoulders spouting, the fist of his forehead
Over wastes gray-green crashing, among horses unbroken
From bellowing fields, past bone-wreck of vessels,
Tide-ruin, wash of lost bodies bobbing
No longer sought for, and islands of ice gleaming
Who ravening the rank flood, wave-marshalling,
Overmastering the dark sea-marches, finds home
And harvest."

from Leviathan
by W.S. Merwin

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