Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Then morning showed
Infinity's proportions, 
The proper height of the sky.

Becoming small
We were grown again."

from Growing up
Dorothy Livesay, Selected Poems [1926-1956] 

Helen began taking one of the dogs on a longer walk once she retied. 
Now that I am also home we can all go out at once taking long daytime
walks thru the neighborhood enjoying the small parks and the lovely 
mid-60's houses. Monday was a day of bugs and blossoms.


Tuesday was a horse of a different colour. When I let the dogs 
out I quickly joined them with a camera, initially not 
even bothering with a shirt. It was a unexpected treat with
snowflakes on the tongue and heads poking thru the snow.
I did eventually get dressed and leave the yard but it was the 
first glimpses that proved the most enchanting. When I came
into the house I knew I would turn to my slender volumes 
of the works of Canadian poets to look for quotes. although
 when I did I was attracted not to the poems about snow. 
But the poems about youth and magic.

"When the day bends over backwards
to bring forth the light
I must know by whose permission
I inhabit this place
in the holy congregation of animals
 and mortal stones."

from Magic Animals, 1972-1974
by Gwendolyn MacEwen 


Kathie Brown said...

Oh, Guy! This was truly magical indeed! What a sweet white pup!

Guy said...

Thanks Kathie