Sunday, March 29, 2015

"When you wake to the dream of now
from night and its other dream,
you carry day out of the dark
like a flame."

                      from The Dream of Now
                             by William Stafford

Still no current photos so I found some from a
Sept. walk to the pond in the Research Park. 
Leaves on water, a theme I have loved since I
received Eliot Porter's book In Wildness is the
Preservation of the World.

There have been evenings when the light
has turning everything silver, and like you
I have stopped at a corner and suddenly
staggered with the grace if it all.

                        from Waiting in Line
                           by William Stafford

And every walk, a happy dog.


WildBill said...

Stunning photos. Something about autumn leaves in water just makes me speechless.

Guy said...

Hi Bill

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your post about the tunnels under the snow but I have had trouble posting comments.