Friday, February 20, 2015

"Which of the horses
we passed yesterday whinnied
all night in my dreams?
I want that one."

from Stories from Kansas

More photos from our trip in Oct. these are our friends horses.
 All the quotes are from William Stafford's
Stories That Could Be True New and Collected Poems.


"While the earth breaks the soft horizon
eastward, we study how to deserve
what has already been given us."

from Love in the County

"The wild keeps telling us something 
we want to pass on to the world:
Even far things are real.

from Whispered into the Ground


Roy Norris said...

Lovely images and lovely words Guy.

WildBill said...

There's little better than a good horse. One of my peak experiences was seeing wild mustangs in Wyoming. They seemed so galdarned happy! Pure joy.

Guy said...


I want to thank both of you for your comments. I will try to keep up a bit more.