Friday, January 17, 2014

"White faced cattle lowing, sagebrush everywhere

Granite spires are standing all around
I'll tell you folks it's heaven to go ridin' down the trail
Just to watch the desert sun go down"

from Riding Down the Canyon
   as performed by Arlo Guthrie

As always when on the farm I went out to marvel
at the mismatched horns and coat palettes that
constitute Ralph's herd I did notice the Angus Black
seems to be disapperaing. 

Again with a tip of my hat to Roy 
(at roynaturelogbook see my  links )
I have declared a Cow Day.

Dreams of Disarmament

Harry the great polled Charolais
swollen as the sin of pride,
heavy with muscle and vitality
counts his kingdom of one
way out in the far field.

He spares us only one baleful glare
for his thoughts are far away
down to the main corral where
Morely the half-pint Hereford
flashes his horns for an admiring throng.



Kathie Brown said...

Guy, how nice that you and Roy have found each other! How interesting that you are noticing a decline in the Black Angus species of cows! As an old farm girl myself, I appreciate these posts!

I love the lines from that Arlo Guthrie song! I so agree with them!

Guy said...

Hi Katie

Great comments, my father in law tried a number of breeds in building his herd in including Angus. We see tons of them Alberta but i don't see many around the farm or in Ralph's herd. Glad you liked the song.


WildBill said...

You sure take some nice bovine pics! And as usual your choice of words are exquisite!

Guy said...

Hi Bill

Thanks for your kind comments, all the best.


Celeste said...

Such varied and expressive faces Guy, #33 is my favourite :)

Wanda said...

Guy, are you familiar with Corb Lund and his song about cows?
This is the link:



Guy said...

Hi Celeste

I am glad you liked the post. I must admit I try no to get attached but she is a handsome cow.


Guy said...

Hi Wanda

Thanks I will give it a listen.