Sunday, November 3, 2013

You are here, alive in this place,
touching with sight
things that are smoke tomorrow

from Alive in the World
John Haines

I could not capture the motion but all day the vent on 
the neighbors garage has spun round beneath its little
cap of snow.

Two days of snow and the feeders and heated  bird bath
have been the centre of attention in a cold and windy world.
And for me this is always a welcome site seeing that they
are here and things are, in this moment as they should be.

So the song is becoming as the world
becomes, and it can never leave us;
 because we are the notice in its passages,

from Song of the Ocean of the World Becoming
Pattiann Rogers


Kathie Brown said...

Guy, I just love this and I am so glad you feed our little feathered friends! Brrr! It just looks so cold and that heated bird bath is wonderful! I had bought one before I moved to the desert and gave it to my friend in the Wasatch Mountains before I moved. It is getting good use in her yard and she get similar birds to yours at hers!

WildBill said...

Beautiful, signs of the upcoming season! How lucky it begins on time this year.

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Yes I think the water is even more popular than the food in this weather since it is a scarce resource. I am surprised more people do not have them, it is always interesting to see cold it can get and the birds will still bath. It is -10 Celsius with the wind chill -17 but I just saw a male House Sparrow washing up after a snack.


Guy said...

Hi Bill

We certainly started winter on time, before Halloween this year. We did get a week of fairly moderate weather after that but we are right back at it with weather warnings this weekend.

All the best

Celeste said...

Great to see that all those species are enjoying your hospitality Guy. It certainly does look chilly.