Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Memories from age three or age five put on the costumes of dreams.
Things were happening then just exactly the way they happen now,
 but those things seem to be rich with inner life and happy 
discovery, and a fuzzy sense of the world."

 from Love and Irony: 
Postcards from a Child of the New 
York School

Katherine Koch

A few weeks ago the aphids were 

flying everywhere I noticed that they were 
particularly thick on my Red Leaf Rose, 
but help was nearby, the House Sparrows
 flocked to the rose alternating between the 
bird feeder and grabbing mouthfuls of aphids.
This allowed me to enjoy their antics and 
quiet beauty.

This also encouraged a bit of research on aphids. 

Spring aphids are parthenogenetic, the population 
hatching from eggs is comprised entirely of females
who then switch to vivipary or live birth without males.
Towards the end of summer they produce a winged 
population consisting of both males and females which
allows them to spread to new host plants.

The Prairie Gardener Book of Bugs
Nora Bryan & Ruth Staal

One thing that I noticed while watching the sparrows was
this Grey Squirrel, it came directly down the Amur Cherry 
ran thru the area under the feeders where the squirrels normally
feed grabbed a piece of gravel, bit it and ran away with it.

A week of so later it did the same thing.

I still have a fuzzy sense of the world.

"I watch 
the lamplight's clear pool 
on the ancient pinewood planks 
fall through cracks and knotholes 
onto the lives of mice as starlight 
filters through the window 
and falls on me."

from How I Understand Eternity
Brian Swann


WildBill said...

Some outstanding photographs here! How are you doing these, have you changed cameras! Very nice indeed, and I loved the writing as well.

Guy said...

Hi Bill

I am glad you liked the post. No I am using the same camera I am just very close. The rose is only 6 feet from the living room window and the house is a perfect blind. I also used my 100-400m Canon lens and I was about as close as I can get with that lens.

Thanks for commenting.

Roy Norris said...

I think there is so much about the insect World that we don't yet understand Guy.

Guy said...

Ho Roy

I have to agree, it is a fascinating field.


Kathie Brown said...

What beauty lies around us if we only have eyes to see! Apparently you do and you put it together with such wonderful quotes! Love this!

Kathie Brown said...
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Kathie Brown said...

P.S. what fascinating info about the aphids! Oh, and I don't know why my first comment posted twice! (I deleted one.)

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

I found the information about the aphids quite interesting and I am glad you like the quotes.


Celeste said...

Beautiful autumn light on your photos Guy. How wonderful to have such a natural form of pest control helping you out, so much nicer. I wonder what that squirrel is doing with your gravel?