Sunday, September 8, 2013

"So gradual in those summers was the going
     of the age it seemed that the long days setting out
when the stars faded over the mountains were not
     leaving us even as the birds woke in full song and the dew
glittered in the webs it appeared then that the clear morning
     opening into the sky was something of ours
to have and keep and that the brightness we could not touch
     and the air we could not hold had come to be there all the time
for us and would never be gone"

from The Speed of Light
W.S. Merwin

I have not posted for awhile so I am still on
our trip to the cabin in July and August,  I
thought a tour was in order. Shaun and Whateley 
check  out the dog run.

This corner will
house the kitchen maybe next summer. This
trip was about furnishing the other rooms and
bringing the dogs. 

This will become the bathroom.

The bedroom.

The loft gets very hot so I suspect
it will function as storage something 
we always need.

The kitchen area can also house a 
workspace/desk with a lovely view.

The living room was an addition to the original
place. The cabin was basically a kit.

Shaun really liked the addition of the couch.
The lovely chairs were from friends of Helen's
 mom. Many thanks we love them.

The addition of this room also allowed Helen's
brother Brian to add a beautiful screened in porch. 
Thanks Brian.

On the first day it was finished Helen was sitting there
when a young black bear walked by ( within 10 feet )
not expecting anyone to be around, it ran off into the bush.

Finally Whateley is reunited with Mr Snakey

We added a feeder to the cabin, a gift from 
Pam and Ralph and had Goldfinches and Least 
Chipmunks. Next year I will put it a bit further away.

"There are threads of old sound heard over and over
phrases of Shakespeare or Mozart the slender
wands of the auroras playing out from them
into dark time the passing of a few
migrants high in the night far from the ancient flocks
far from the rest of the words far from the instruments"

W.S. Merwin


WildBill said...

A beautiful cabin! Just what you need to escape. Very nice, and I liked the tour a lot.

Guy said...

HI Bill

I am glad you enjoyed the tour, it will be a nice place to get away to.


Guy said...
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