Monday, August 12, 2013

" I walk here and there, seeking open,
flat spaces against a sky up high.
I have discovered, too late, perhaps
that I always preferred the empty
more than the full
for breathing and forgiving."

from  The prairie farmland fields
Teresa Palomo Acosta 

We have been at the cabin for a couple of weeks which 
accounts for my absence from the net. Since we took the
dogs for the first time we converted the 9 hour drive into a
two day journey. They traveled well but I did enjoy the shorter
days. The first part of the journal was thru the mixed grass 
prairie an area that, once you are away from the rivers could 
be described as flat. It is very much an area of the open road
long distances between small prairie towns marked by water towers 
and the increasingly endangered grain elevators. It is a landscape
that celebrates its identity as big sky country. 


This particular elevator located the in aspen parklands area
of the northern prairie before it transitions into the boreal forest
is an indication that we are close to home.

"On the prairie, what you are left with is the bare truth,
 the land pared down to the bone, the basic dirt and 
grass and sky that shape the lives that play out upon it."

                           from The Secret Life of Cowboys
                                             Tom Groneberg



WildBill said...

There are some interesting relics of history on those northern plains. It looks so interesting!

Guy said...

Hi Bill

It is sometimes hard to seen the parkland as an extension of the prairie but it did play an important role in the dynamic of the various tribes that hunted buffalo on the southern prairie and the European settlement was also quite different from patterns in the US. Now it seems to be morphing into a recreation and retirement area so I wonder if the history will be retained.