Sunday, March 24, 2013

 "You are so far away
On this cold and empty night
As I lie in a hotel room
Lookin' at a street light
Outside my window
I listen to the rain
And the sounds of the passin' cars
And the waves on English Bay"
   from English Bay
  Blue Rodeo
"The Sylvia Hotel is a designated heritage building,
ideally located on English Bay, beside Stanley Park
and just 5 minutes from downtown Vancouver.
Built in 1912, the Sylvia Hotel is a city landmark
and one of Vancouver's greatest treasures."
From the Sylvia Hotel Website
Helen and I have been starting to feel the grey
days of winter so in mid March we were off to
one of our favorite spots,  the Sylvia Hotel on
English Bay in Vancouver. On one side you have
Denman Street with lots of restaurants, in front
the beach and the Seawall, and a block or so away
on the other side Stanley Park. A  1000 acre park
with thousands of fir, cedar, and hemlock trees. In
Mid March we are still too early for the beautiful
displays of rhododendrons and azaleas but despite
the rain, off and on for two of our four days and the
occasional cold winds, it is green and there is no
snow. Our room a corner suite on the seventh floor
has a view of the lights of Denman Street from the
bedroom and views of the bay from the living room.
After a walk along the Seawall we had a wonderful
meal at the Legendary Noodle House and picked up
some flowers for the room.
Photo taken from our suite
someone braves the rain to explore
the beach.
Large groups of gulls and crows frequent the
seawall. Cormorants, herons and rafts of ducks
can normally be seen along the bay.
The Seawall is a favorite place to walk dogs.
A solitary Heron watching the waiting ships
The following photos were taken from our suite.


The lights of Denman St from our suite.

"About me the night   moonless   wimples the mountains
wraps ocean   land   air  and mounting
sucks at the stars   The city   throbbing below
webs the sable peninsula   The golden
strands overleap the seajet   by bridge and buoy
vault the shears of the inlet   climb the woods
toward me   falter  and halt   Across to the firefly
haze of a ship on the gulps erased horizon
roll the lambent spokes of a lighthouse"
      from Vancouver Lights
  Earle Birney


Kathie Brown said...

Guy, what a beautiful place! I am so glad you were able to escape the snow even if only for a few days! Love the photos and the poems as always! I hope spring returns to you and everyone else up north soon! I also love the orange table and flowers!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

It is a lovely place I always find the sea a fascinating place I lived by Lake Erie for may years so large bodies of water are something I enjoy they are so changeable.

Thanks for your comments.

Roy Norris said...

Beautiful sunset images Guy.

Guy said...

Thanks Roy

It was a wonderful view.


kerrdelune said...

This was lovely, and thank you for taking us with you!

Guy said...

Hi Cate

I am glad you enjoyed the photos it is a wonderful spot.


Julie G. said...

The Sylvia Hotel looks like a very charming place to stay. How lucky you were to reside in a room that offers such a scenic view. Lovely images, Guy!

Guy said...

Hi Julie

Thanks I have to admit I took so many pictures my computer would only download half so I am editing away.