Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking at my older posts I see I started my blogs in Dec. 2010.
I had purchased my Canon Rebel in Nov. and wanted a forum
to share photos and quotes from some of my favorite poets.
After two years I still feel I would like to continue this exercise.
The passages I am quoting today are two of the strongest and most
impressive ( for me ) that I know and although already well known
I decided to reflect on them again even if they do not match 
the subject of my photos as much as I normally strive for. 
But they both speak to the our place in both the universe and in time.
They are also both testaments to the strength of rhythm and form.

"That time of year thou mayst in me behold
When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang."

From Sonnet LXXIII

Thursday at lunch I was running errands, on my
way back to work I noticed that the flock of Crossbills and
Nuthatches I had posted photos of on Nov. 24th were back.
I did not have time or my camera so I went out to see if I could
find them Friday. However they were no where to be seen so
here are some photos of the usual suspects.


I did not really post any holiday photos this year.
So here are Shaun and Whateley wishing everyone
a Happy New Year. Thank you Rigmor for our beautiful

"I saw Eternity the other night,
Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
All calm, as it was bright;
And round beneath it, Time in hours, days, years,
Driv'n by the spheres
Like a vast shadow mov'd; in which the world
And all her train were hurl'd."
from The World
Henry Vaughan


Roy Norris said...

Its good that you are going to continue with this Guy.
Have a great 2013.

Kathie Brown said...

Merry Christmas. Happy new year! I love the photos of the rabbit and the magpie! I love both quotes as well. Sorry that the crossbills and nuthatches were gone!

P.S. I agree with Roy!

Guy said...

Hi Roy

Thanks all the best to you as well.


Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Thanks for your comments I am glad you liked the poems. I found more crossbills so all is well.