Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some more photos from our July trip to
the farm and cabin. I was watching a program
featuring a entomologist in India. He said each
child goes through an insect phase and mine never 
ended. Mine has not ended, I want to know
the name and habits of every insect and plant I see.
Something I saw when I did not have my camera was
beautiful metallic green Dogbane Beetles. The sight 
of them reassured me that when I can spend more
time at the cabin boredom should not be a problem.
My identifications are based on my best guess, feel
free to correct me.

"The butterfly counts not months 
but moments, and has time enough."

Rabindranath Tagore

White Clover

Fritillary not sure which kind?

Wild Vetch

Common Wood Nymph


Pearl Crescent


Canadian Tiger Swallowtail with bits missing.

"Do ye not comprehend that we are worms,
Born to bring forth the angelic butterfly
That flieth unto judgment without screen?"
Dante Alighieri


Anonymous said...

You really captured some pretty butterflies with the wildflowers. That wood nymph is so much darker that the ones I have seen. It is beautiful.

Guy said...

Hi Sandy

It did seem quite dark compared to the guide I was using. Hopefully I have the correct id.