Saturday, March 3, 2012

Earlier I posted photos of my wife's family farm
in Saskatchewan and also photos of the cabin we
have been building on 80 acres we purchased to use
during our retirement. One thing we had planned to do
was set up trail cameras to observe the wildlife.
Brian my wife's younger brother, (who with her older
brother Ralph did most of the work on the cabin often
under unpleasant conditions, building a tin roof during a heat
wave  while sick comes to mind, Thanks Guys), set up some trail
cameras this year and was kind enough to share the fruits of his
labour. I am not sure which part of the farm the cameras were
stationed on but all the land on the farm including ours is
fairly similar, Aspen Parkland, a northern extension of the
Great Plains prairie ecosystem which forms a large part
of western Canada and the United States. I really recommend
Candace Savage's  Prairie: A Natural History for an
introduction to the topic.

My wife and I met while working in archaeology. One of
the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding
aspects of this was you spent a lot of the summer outside in tents
often in isolated rural areas. The exposure to nature, through
the weather, the plants and the animals reinforced our desire
to be able to spend time outside the city gardening, watching
the seasons, getting to know the birds, the insects and reptiles (me)
watching the stars ( Helen and me ) and generally enjoying the
wildlife. The farm is perfect for this because the types of wildlife
actually appear to be increasing the usual deer, beaver, coyotes,
porcupine,skunks and occasional elk  now share their habitat with
wolves and moose which had not been seen for years. It appears that
mountain lions have also moved into the area in the last few years.

While retirement is some years away we had been consulting with
a financial planner and she mentioned that many people had trouble
with boredom. We looked at her and said we did not think that will
be a problem. And I don't think it will, be but if it is we can always
take a few minutes and talk to the neighbours.

"But the moon carved unknown totems
out of the lakeshore
owls in the beardusky woods derided him
moosehorned cedars circled his swamps and tossed
their antlers up to the stars"
                             Earle Birney

                                          "How long did those
       three deer stand pondering, the dark, bowing to taste
the least brown grasses, the cold-burnt rosehips"
                                                                  The Deer
                                                                       David Baker

" Now do U understand what heaven is
it is the surround of the living"

                                             The Changing Light at Sandover
                                                          James Merrill

Thanks Again Brian


kerrdelune said...

Ah............................. this is exactly what I needed to see and read today - food for the soul. Thank you!

Guy said...

Hi Cate

That is great, I am glad you enjoyed the post.

"There is a pleasure in the pathless woods" Byron


Anonymous said...

These are great shots from a trail camera. I doubt you will ever get bored when you are at your cabin.
Very, very nice!

Guy said...

Hi Sandy

I also thought the pictures were very good for trail camera. I am looking forward to getting out this spring and setting up some more.

Thanks for stopping.

Kathiesbirds said...

Guy, I am jealous of your 80 acres and your wildlife! What a find! What a rich habitat! My husband and I are at opposite ends of this desire. He likes cities (he thinks) and I love wilderness (I think). The truth is, I want to live someplace wild with access to the city and I see how he relaxes when I get him out to the wilderness. The real difference is that I like to be immersed in it while he likes to just look at it! Still we find common ground and enjoy our lives. You and your wife have much to look forward to there on your land. I hope you can get there sooner rather than later.

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Yes it is a beautiful spot and I am looking forward to getting to know it better. We plan to handle the city country thing by keeping the house in Calgary and spending te winters in town. We are already planning a couple of trips out in the spring and summer to do some more work on the cabin.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

WildBill said...

this area looks like heaven to me, and such wonderful camera shots! I liked the words that you attached, very creative. Thanks so much for sharing these, this changes my whole picture of this part of the world which I thought was mostly plains.

Guy said...

Hi Bill

Thank you for your kind words. I always enjoy hearing about the forests around your home and all the adventures you have had. I was really glad to receive these photos from Brian so I could share them with people on my blog and give them a glimpse of the animals and Aspen Parkland around our cabin.