Monday, January 2, 2012

No trip to the farm would be complete without
a visit to our cabin. After all our 80 acres is
just down the road. Our visits were brief, the cabin
is not winterized and we had lots of Christmas
activities to get to. There was not much snow,
the slough was frozen and crisscrossed with lots
of tracks but not a creature was stirring while we
were there.

Above: if you squint you can see a
beaver lodge.

This last photo shows that our resident
population of beavers has been busy. As
this point of land is between two arms of the
slough it seems to get very heavily harvetsed.

" a single beaver can cut down up to 1700
trees each year to ensure its survival."

                        Mammals of Alberta
                                 Pattie and Fisher

" Do not touch words to what has no name
or feel the place of wandering stones with eyes
the beast we hunt must not be said
its smell rides under the wind
its face remembers our faces."

                            Glacier Spell
                               Al Purdy


Kathiesbirds said...

Very mystical words! Love the shot of the farm, especially the birch trees!

Guy said...

Thanks Kathie

Yes we have lots of Aspen on our land and they are quite pretty. You do nor get much variety in tree species but we think it is a lovely spot.