Monday, January 15, 2018

Time to bring this blog back to what it was meant to be, a celebration of nature and poetry. A reaffirmation of life and a buffer between a world that is to much with us.

One of our friend Laraine's horses.

These books came today and I am chuffed, I see the complete poems as a record not just of his best poetry as his collected poems are, but as a record of the fullness of his career and his life. A.R. Ammons was a poet of so many things, the weather, the seasons, time, motion, shapes, forms, the changing natural world and the ultimate inconsequential reality of the individual in a vast universe. 

"We praise the mind for
how high it goes
without losing hold
and how wide
it goes without
and for how sharply it can 
relish a particular
without losing the 
dispositions in this
fine war-zone
between the great energies,
this narrowing that 
allows life's widest play, "

from For Robert Penn Warren
by A.R.Ammons

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