Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fires - Heat

" The sun is axeman among dry 
Slashings: he would clear 
Kindling from the rocky hills " 

Blue Jay in Haliburton 
D.G. Jones 

Still really hot here.

Last night after a lovely meal and visit with the in-laws we
were heading home, okay a couple of quarters down the road, 
when we noticed the most beautiful sunset. This is probably
the result  of enormous forest fires in BC, a couple of provinces
over. In 2015 fires some 500 miles north of us in La Rounge
Sask. meant the first few weeks of our first extended stay
at the cabin were quite smoky. Last year we saw some smoke
 from BC fires on the way back to Alberta, and of course there
was the huge fire in Fort McMurray in May before we came out. 
We have not smelt smoke this year but last night's sunset was

"I summon up the roller-coasting south, 
Cry birth day to the lion sun."

from Genii
by Dorthy Livesay

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